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Automation Developer Training provides standardized training and credentialing for customers of M1 Waveform Tools™ who wish to create their own automations or Compliance Apps for use with M1 in order to speed up their measurement workflow.

At the bench level, M1 includes ScriptBuilder™, an integrated graphical workspace that is used to create TestScripts™ to automate your repetitive measurement tasks. Some customers have measured a speed-up factor of up to 45x when using TestScripts to automate their existing workflow.

At the laboratory level, M1 can be integrated directly into your LabVIEW or VEE automation systems. Through its XML-over-TCPIP interface, you can send commands to and receive results from M1, regardless of what automation process you use, saving you considerable time and effort. M1's open solutions architecture makes it the natural place to develop sophisticated measurement results, analysis, etc. that will easily scale from a single test station to an entire lab.

The instructor will be able to answer questions and ensure that the material is understood by all attendees.

M1 Automation Developer Training – Onsite (North America only) or Online

Course Length:    8 hrs

Course Type:    Classroom or Online

Intended Audience:    Engineers, Technicians, and Managers who wish to leverage the power of M1's automation capabilities to speed their measurement workflow

Suggested Maximum Size:    15 students

Prerequisites:    None

Certification Provided:    Yes

Certification Requirements:    Attendance and Homework


  • M1 Automation Model Benefits and Limitations
  • Specification Implementation Document (SID)
  • Creating an App: ScriptBuilder or Direct XML editing
  • Automation commands
  • Best Practices
  • Using M1 Remote Control
  • Sending Commands

Onsite - US$10,000.00
   (includes T & E)
Online - US$8,000.00