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ASA is actively recruiting developers who want to help grow the M1 Apps store.  The Apps Store has created an opportunity for someone who has developed any type of automated applications for Test & Measurement.  We are creating a team of developers using M1 tools to create compliance, decode, and stimulus-response Apps that work with nearly any oscilloscope or digitizer in the world.  These Apps will then be sold and marketed through the M1 Apps Store.

The process could not be simpler.  You first build a compliance application, decode specification, or stimulus-response test using the vast array of M1 tools available from Amherst Systems.  We qualify your application and place it in the Apps store.  Once placed, you receive a large portion of the proceeds for every copy of your App that sells!  You provide the app and some support to customers, we do the rest.

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We are looking for anyone experienced writing automation apps in a mixed hardware-software lab test environment, anyone that can read and interpret test requirements in a compliance specification, or anyone with experience decoding digital data streams.  The technical skills required to author M1 Apps™ varies.  Our tools allow non-programmers to create compliance apps in a matter of days and decode specifications in hours.  Even if you do not have programming experience you can still become an M1 Apps Developer.

More information on the Apps Developer Program can be found on the M1 website:  www.m1ot.com/m1appsdevconnection

If you or anyone you know would be interested in taking some of their industry experience and making money on it, have them contact us immediately!