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Marketing your App

Step 4 - Market and Distribute

Once your App is ready for prime time, we can put it out in front of M1 users with the M1 Apps Store. The store provides your App with a reach to tens of thousands of users of Tek, Agilent, LeCroy and Yokogawa scopes, and Agilent/Acqiris, National Instruments, and GaGe digitizers.

The M1 Apps Store

Scope and digitizer users world-wide are electronically guided to the M1 web site and Apps Store via a wide range of sales and marketing platforms from both ASA and our channels/partners (distributors, reps, rental companies, etc.). M1 itself now provides direct access to the Apps Store to help the user locate new functionality.

You can sell your App or provide it at no charge in the M1 Apps Store, and ASA handles electronic fulfillment of the order:

  • M1 App prices typically $250 - $1495
  • You get 70% of the revenue generated by your App
  • No order fulfillment responsibilities or fees
  • No marketing responsibilities or fees

Coming Soon - Volume Licensing

One of ASA's greatest advantages to the customer is the extreme cost savings available through our Site and Enterprise program. In the near future, we will have the technology available for you to license your App at either the Site (campus) or Enterprise (world wide organization) level. The value of a volume adoption for an App is probably the best advertising it can receive.

Interested? Apply Here

It’s simple to apply to the M1 Apps Developer program. Just answer a few qualifying questions on the application page to let us know about your background and your idea, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.