ASA Customer Skills Training

M1 is a framework with which you can eliminate the huge obstacles and limitations that exist in your current multi-vendor, multi-title environment. How far you want to take this is obviously your decision, but ASA has the training and associated services to make this work.

ASA Customer Skills Training is a comprehensive, progressive (i.e. one program builds on others; prerequisites exist) program that employs multiple learning modes, mixing classroom and in-the-lab/hands-on work.

Product Operation

  • Flight School — Basic (2 hr classroom & optional lab, no testing) and full day (4 hr classroom, 4 hr lab)
  • Flight School — Advanced
  • In-service refresher

Application Knowledge


  • Debugging techniques
  • Working with PLLs
  • Automation — Writing scripts, designing automation frameworks with M1, authoring compliance tests, etc.
  • Deploying an enterprise-level defect barrier with HAL

Advanced Topics


M1 is an very rich tool replacing over 55 ScopeCo titles, and the domain in which it operates can reward those with an uncommon level of domain skills. ASA's Skills Program is designed to be progressive and provide the opportunity for individuals and organizations to maximize their mission skills. By progressive, we mean that one module will be built upon previous ones (perquisites do exist).

Certification - Many courses can be presented with and without certification. Certification provides you with credentials to demonstrate to your organization, as well as future employers, that you have achieved a particular level of expertise in the topic at hand. When certification is elected, the training ends with a graduation test tailored to the subject. Not everyone is an expert, and only experts will come out the other end of a certification program.

Check back often as we are rounding out our descriptive materials and this web area. For more information about ASA's Customer Skills Training, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Topics in Advanced Measurement Workflow — WBDM
  • Establishing an enterprise-level collaboration framework
  • Migrating from a multi-vendor, multi-title software environment to M1
  • Considerations in siting a high-precision measurement system
  • Organization M1 Super-Technician
  • Deploying/managing Site and Enterprise installations
  • Scope selection — matching your actual needs while side-stepping the myths
  • Enterprise deployment of scope hardware — Reducing costs while elevating your organization's test capabilities.
  • M1 for internal and external consultants