M1 Logo M1 Waveform Tools™: Record/Playback™

The Record/Playback feature in M1™ lets you take a series of acquisitions over a period of minutes or days and save them to disk. You can then play back the saved acquisitions using controls that are similar to those on your DVD player. You can select up to four M1 measurement statistics to track during the replay. M1 plots the value of each of these measurement statistics for each acquisition on the StatTrack display. You can watch how the StatTrack and the other user-selectable Views change as you play back the collected acquisitions. This is an excellent way of capturing an intermittent problem for analysis.

In the screenshot, M1 is showing the 11th acquisition, which shows a distinct spike in the Tj and Dj values, as well as an anomalous (relative to the others, which aren't shown) eye diagram, clearly showing where the problem occurs.