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Collaborate spontaneously and without limitation.

Technology is a team sport.  Frequently the waveforms and the needed skill sets aren't in the same place at the same time.  M1 is the only solution with built-in tools that enable fully-explorable waveforms - not just a screenshot and an inexpertly-worded email - to be transferred immediately to the right team members or business partners.  They don't have to be in the lab or in front of the instrument to collaborate.

M1 can deliver rich collaboration because there are numerous ground-breaking capabilities built into it. You will likely never see these capabilities from ScopeCo because they literally fly in the face of their business objectives. For example:

Instant collaboration

Waveforms create a need for new decisions.  M1's collaboration capabilities facilitate this.


You have thousands of platforms from dozens of brands.  Only one tool supports all of them.

Common data format, analysis engine, and UI

Stop losing time to incompatible file formats, algorithms, and interfaces from multiple manufacturers

Offline capability

Don't let the platform manufacturers tie you to the hardware

Waveform Reuse

Don't get stuck trying to recreate measurements

Collaborating with Customers and Vendors

Technology is a team sport.  Play to win.