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Our animation feature makes post-analysis feel like live-analysis.  What we've done is recreated the 'dancing' signals you see from a live scope.  It cycles back through the previous acquisitions and recreates the actual movement that you saw while taking the acquisitions.  Now there is a visual aid to help you see what has happened prior to the current acquisition you are looking at.

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"One of the problems that post processing software has always had is that it looks at each acquisition as a whole. This, of course, has a lot of utility for various kinds of analysis, especially if you have a good set of exploratory tools that allow you to easily navigate over the surface of the analysis. In my own debug work I have always used this post processing in conjunction with an active scope display because sometimes the dynamics of the way the voltage versus time display presents provides additional insight into things I am trying to understand in a versus time display. So while scope animation is redundant if you're using M1 at the oscilloscope, one of the greatest features of the M1 portfolio is that it allows you to see what happened at the oscilloscope (or digitizer) when you and your collaborators are away from the oscilloscope."
- Mike Williams