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Services enable you to optimize your entire workflow

Your organization has a lot of different teams, each with their own mix of equipment

  • Using the manufacturer's software leads to dozens of different interfaces that your engineers need to be trained on
  • Evaluating new tools can add additional interfaces into the mix
  • Using M1 means having one interface for all your engineers, regardless of what hardware they're using

ASA's hardware-agnostic approach can also benefit you when it's time to upgrade your instrument to handle new challenges

Your ScopeCo sales engineer may not give you a fully honest comparison between his products and his competitor's products

  • He needs to sell you his company's products to put money in his pocket
  • He has a motivation to upsell you to an instrument with more BW, memory depth, etc. than you really need

ASA is not beholden to any manufacturer

  • We can serve as a truly unbiased source of information
  • We can help you sort through the FUD the manufacturers are trying to bury you in
  • We have saved customers tens of thousands of dollars by properly fitting them to an instrument with the required parametric configuration.
We learned this phrase from the platform companies. They used it in conjunction with other phrases like "customer sensitivity to minimum viable functionality". At ASA, we call this design philosophy "half screwed together". It's never acceptable at ASA to solve only part of the problem or try to guess what the customer won't notice before they buy it.
By this, we mean that the scope or digitizer has the bandwidth, sample rate, and memory depth that is needed for the desired measurement.