M1 LogoCorrelation by Design

Multiple teams, different instruments - ONE algorithm

Different manufacturers use different jitter computation algorithms

  • Different algorithms lead to different results when applied to the same waveform
  • This problem is particularly noticeable in regard to RjDj separation algorithms

You have multiple teams spread out around the world

  • Each uses its own mix of instruments
  • You need to be able to correlate the results between groups to prevent chasing ghosts when the results don't match

M1 is designed to work identically with all of your platforms and all of your brands

  • You're always using the same algorithm
  • True correlation is possible among the measurments made on your disparate hardware
We learned this phrase from the platform companies. They used it in conjunction with other phrases like "customer sensitivity to minimum viable functionality". At ASA, we call this design philosophy "half screwed together". It's never acceptable at ASA to solve only part of the problem or try to guess what the customer won't notice before they buy it.
By this, we mean that the scope or digitizer has the bandwidth, sample rate, and memory depth that is needed for the desired measurement.