Portfolio Comparison - EDA & Digitizers

ASA Product Portfolio - $495 - $11,995


EDA/Digitizer Product Portfolios - (typically given away for free)

What vanishly small waveform-handling capability the digitizer and EDA vendors have, they mostly give away for free.  This doesn't surprise us, since those manufacturers are not nearly as mature as the scope manufacturers are in this area.

As for the one digitizer manufacturer who does have a specific jitter analysis add-on, we've found that package to be riddled with beginner-level errors that the scope manufacturers got beyond a decade ago.

- Mike Williams,
President and Chief Product Designer, ASA

M1 might have special utility for digitizer users, as digitizer manufacturers are generally not as sophisticated as scope manufacturers, resulting in potential HW-related issues. Several issues have been verified by ASA, and as a result M1 has been augmented to identify these issues in many cases and is actually able to mitigate them in some.