M1 LogoM1 Waveform Tools™ - An Engine

Designed to support every part of your waveform workflow

M1 Waveform Tools is the sum of a collection of customer-centric components working together to support the workflow activities of you and your team.  The manufacturers' software products are by comparison a loose assembly of point functionalities that include complex interdependencies and are developed under a philosophy of "just enough."  With M1, all of the pieces fit together and have been designed based on what you need to do.

A Better Philosophy, a Superior Vision

Proven organizational impact by doing the opposite of what it takes to sell HW

Any Platform, Any Brand

You have 1000s of platforms from dozens of brands.  Only one tool supports all of them.

Our Focus: Total Workflow Support

Their focus: narrow, proprietary software add-ons with no impact beyond the instrument

All Your Core Waveform Handling Needs in Depth

Analysis, Exploration, Characterization, Debug, Compliance, and more in a single title


M1 accelerates your workflow


Waveforms create a need for new decisions.  M1's collaboration capabilities facilitate this.

Infinitely Scalable, Broadly Deployable

Designed to be available to the broadest possible audience

We learned this phrase from the platform companies. They used it in conjunction with other phrases like "customer sensitivity to minimum viable functionality". At ASA, we call this design philosophy "half screwed together". It's never acceptable at ASA to solve only part of the problem or try to guess what the customer won't notice before they buy it.