About ASA - Contributions to Industry


Test and Measurement - Waveform-handling software - since 1994

ASA invented the wavform-handling software market and remains the leading innovator in that space with NUMEROUS industry firsts since 1994

  • cycle-cycle timing analysis (patented)
  • serial-data analysis
  • brand agnostic and end-to-end - supports all scopes (incl. MSO), digitizers, and EDA tools
  • Compliance Breakout
  • eye-diagrams and masks
  • true differential thresholding
  • highly scalable measurement automation
  • Hidden Anomaly Location (patented)
  • off-line analysis/collaboration
  • scalable pricing
  • software subscription
  • 3rd-party Apps program/marketplace
  • compliance testing - the concept itself as well as multiple standards
  • multi-domain analysis from waveform data
  • RjDj including error calibration, validation, instrument noise, etc.
  • etc, etc, etc. - more firsts than all three ScopeCos combined