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  • M1 Waveform Tools (M1 WT) and M1 Waveform Viewer (M1 WV) support:
  • M1 WT provides capabilities that aren't available directly from the manufacturer:
    • Advanced Debug
    • HAL
    • Collaboration
    • File Tagging
    • Compliance Breakout
  • M1 tools enable you to avoid being locked-in to a single hardware vendor.
    • All-platform, All-vendor support means M1 tools work identically with all of your waveform acquisition platforms.
  • M1 provides automation capabilities far beyond what Keysight/Agilent offers as a proprietary scope add-on.


  • M1 WT provides more functionality than the manufacturer's entire portfolio of oscilloscope software options, at a fraction of the cost
  • M1 tools still support older Keysight/Agilent scope models for which modern software options are no longer available


  • M1 tools provide the missing usefulness software for digitizers that didn't exist previously
  • M1 tools turn your Keysight/Agilent/Aqiris digitizer system into a fully functional oscilloscope capable of supporting more than 100 analog channels.


  • M1 tools provide the missing usefulness software for simulated waveforms that didn't exist previously
  • Compare and correlate waveforms across the entire product life-cycle using the same tools at every stage


  • For simple automations, M1 WT's capabilities far outstrip those of scope-based automation packages
  • For more complex automations, M1 WT complements VEE's instrument-sequencing capabilities with unmatched measurement and analysis sequencing functionality


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