ASA Newsletter, November 2007


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November 14, 2007

Volume 10 Issue 5               

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M1 OT v5

Hidden Anomaly Location


New Waveform Viewer Features

New ASA Sales Reps


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Press Release

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Press Release

Welcome to the future...


With the new M1 Oscilloscope Tools (Version 5), Amherst Systems Associates is proud to announce the most revolutionary new capability in oscilloscope measurement and usefulness software since ASA invented the category more than a decade ago - automated waveform anomaly detection.


The Hidden Anomaly Locator (HAL, pat. pend) acts like your own personal Signal Integrity consultant, examining every cycle of every acquisition that you take, and alerting you to potential problems that you may not have known or thought to look for.  HAL isn't pushy; you can tell it what kinds of problems you do or don't want it to alert you to, or even turn it off altogether.  You can read more about HAL in the next section.


M1 OT v5 also includes a revamped user interface, with a number of visual and organizational changes designed to make an award-winning interface even easier to use.  Scope Animation gives you the feel of watching the scope screen live.  And the Zoom Level Indicator makes waveform navigation more natural.


The Client/Server capability, which allows M1 OT to be controlled remotely from one or more inexpensive M1 Readers, is also now included in v5, rather than being an added-cost option.


And a new 'Send Waveform' button will allow you to instantly email the waveform that you're currently looking at to a colleague, greatly boosting your ability to collaborate effectively.


For more information on all the aspects of M1 Oscilloscope Tools and how it can improve every part of how you interact with waveforms, go to


Hidden Anomaly Location (HAL)


The centerpiece of the new functionality available in M1 Oscilloscope Tools v5 is the Hidden Anomaly Locater, or HAL.  This revolutionary patent-pending technology takes M1 OT's embedded intelligence to an entirely new level far beyond anything that is currently available in the industry.

HAL doesn't just look for a single type of problem that you've specified for it.  Instead, HAL automatically looks for every type of problem that it knows how to find.  Each specific type of problem is independently searched for by an individual Agent.  At initial release, HAL will have a core group of Agents, and more will be coming in subsequent releases.  If you don't want to wait that long, or have something unusual you'd like HAL to be able to spot, you can even create your own Agents.  Along with new methods of adjusting the sensitivity of the Agents to the waveforms you work with, you should also expect to see special attention paid to the way HAL makes your collaboration more effective.  The scope of where we intend to take Hidden Anomaly Location is massive and we are dedicating an engineering team to ongoing research and development in this space.


HAL operates in the background while you work on whatever it is you want to do.  When HAL alerts, you can mute or even shut off individual Agents.  But you can also bring up a more detailed graphical analysis for each and every Agent that found something, and then get a complete information on causes and effects of the anomaly that HAL found, along with suggestions on how to track down and correct the root cause.


For more information on Embedded Intelligence, HAL, and all the other important aspects of M1 OT, go to our page on HAL M1's New Home on the Web

Along with a new domain name (the old one still works too), we have completely reworked our website and the messaging on it.  We hope you appreciate the video intensive approach we have taken, including numerous training videos to provide expert help on a wide variety of subjects at the click of a mouse.


For your viewing pleasure, we think you might enjoy watching the Overview and "Customer Research" videos.


M1 Oscilloscope Tools Software Subscription

Working out the technology included in Hidden Anomaly Location was a bigger than average pushup... consequently it has taken a bit longer than ASA's normal 6-10 week update interval.  As a gesture to those customers who have invested in us, we are extending a special offer to those customers whose Subscriptions may have expired recently.


Any customer who had an active Software Subscription as of 15 August 2007 can receive an upgrade to Version 5 at no additional charge as part of that Subscription.  For more details, including upgrade options for other users, please go to (This offer is void as of 1/2014)


M1 Waveform Viewer New Features


M1 Oscilloscope Tools is not the only award-winning product at ASA that's gained a few new features - M1 WV has added some as well.  We've made sharing a waveform with someone else you work with (individual or team) as simple as it can possibly get.  Just press the 'Send Waveform' button to instantly email the current waveform with a short message attached.  If the colleague doesn't already have Waveform Viewer, the message will automatically include a link and instructions on how to download their own trial copy.  Additionally, in the Stats Details panel, you'll see that Period and Frequency are now calculated based on every event in the acquisition, not just the first.


ASA Announces New Manufacturer's Representatives


ASA has recently added to our network of rep organizations across the United States and Canada.  For details on all of our distributors and representatives around the world, please go to