M1 LogoInfinitely Scaleable, Broadly Deployable

Offering Multi-level Pricing and Flexible Licensing Options

You have teams of engineers all over the world, each working with their own unique set of instruments. M1™ is designed to inexpensively maximize the contribution of every engineer and every waveform-producing platform you have.  Put M1 on one device, fill a lab, or license it for a campus or every campus of a global company; M1 is immediately self-funding.  And ASA provides the services to assist you in making scale and deployment decisions.

Any Platform, Any Brand

You have 1000s of platforms from dozens of brands.  Only one tool supports all of them.

Pricing to Match the Platform

Always the same tools, priced in line with the platform it works with

Flexible Licensing

One scope, five scopes, one campus, all your campuses...

Deployment Services

Services enable you to optimize your entire workflow