Compliance Breakout

The Debug solution to compliance-specific failures

The Compliance Breakout feature of M1™ Waveform Tools lets a developer easily investigate the causes of failure when running a compliance test. In previous versions of M1, custom measurements required for some compliance tests only reported a single value for a particular parameter, or only the maximum and minimum values. With Compliance Breakout, you can easily delve into a problem with a given parameter.


While Running a Compliance Test

Suppose you're doing DDR3 compliance testing, and are gettting occasional failures on one of those "unique" measurements like tHZ(DQ) max. How do you track it down to root cause?

Solution: With M1's Compliance Breakout, you can directly view, explore and isolate those failures, as well as compare them with other analysis domains/signals to get to the bottom of why. In the scenario above, Compliance Breakout would provide you with the option to view any of the following views of tHZ(DQ):

  • vs time
  • histogram
  • Multi-acquisition analysis (long time-scale analysis; how tHZ(DQ) varies from capture to capture)
  • Isolated Subpopulation view (i.e. only the failures vs time)
  • And, synchronize/compare any of the above to other signals or analysis domains to quickly get to the bottom of your problem.

Compliance Breakout works with any of the compliance-specific measurements in any of the compliance tests supported by M1. This feature has been designed to also work with any user-defined technology-specific measurements.

If a parameter fails while running a compliance test, it will be annotated with a red FAIL status. It will also appear on a list of failed conditions on the right side of the dialog. If you select one or more failed tests, and click on Show View, M1 will create or activate views that display the parameters that failed. For parameters that have a specified maximum and minimum value, M1 will automatically turn on the markers for the view, and set the Y markers at the maximum and minimum allowed values. You are also prompted to see if you want to open an Isolated Subpopulation Analysis view for the measurement. With these views up, you can see exactly where in the acquisition the problem happened.

While Debugging a Part

You can also create views using the Compliance Breakout ability while working with a part under development. All you need to do is use the Measurement Builder feature of M1. All you have to do is select User-Defined DLL under the Use an Existing Measurement section, and select the appropriate file from the My M1-OT\User_Defined directory to create a view.

M1 Version Required

You need M1 Waveform Tools v6.03 or higher to use this feature. In addition, you will need to have the newest versions of the compliance TestScripts. If you do not have one already, you might want to consider getting a M1 Software Subscription so you can get all the updates as they are released.

Download an ASA Application Note on Compliance Breakout